Friday, November 27, 2009

happy black friday.

my black friday shopping consisted of walking into toys r us.
getting hit by three (yes, three) shopping carts.
looking at the 2hour long line.
walking out of toys r us.

sorry but i'll shop tomorrow.

instead of shopping, i'll spend my day selling.

but if you hop over here, you may get a black friday suprise!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


cousin kevin graduated from the coast guard today!
he leaves on november 30 for virginia beach, va.
another reason to visit my 2nd favorite state? score!
& he received best shipmate award, voted by his company peers!

Monday, November 23, 2009

happy birthday minion!

friday night, november 20th, minion celebrated his first birthday!

minon in march:

minion today:

he's become camera shy.
minion still thinks he weighs the same & can sit on my lap. (he offically weighs more than me!)
he still goes nuts when we walk in the door.
he still loves us.
he still chases his tail.
our brazilian mastiff, is nothing like they said he wold be.
he licks 300x more than he bites.
he's a little weary of the men, but loovess the ladies.
his grandmothers are his bffs.
a successful year with a puppy, i can't believe we survived!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Auction 101

When I post about auction trips I usually get a few questions, so I thought I'd do a quick Auction 101 lesson.

Where to find an auction? My favorite site; type in your zip code & then click the day you want to hit up an auction

What auction to look for? Estate auctions tend to be smaller, smaller crowds/less items, and may be good for a first timer. Larger auctions that are held weekly, biweekly and/or monthly are larger and will draw a large (sometimes high price) crowd. Avoid Holiday auctions, more people=higher prices. Larger auctions will have more items and sometimes you may be able to find great items mixed into box lots.

What are box lots? Large sales (and sometimes at smaller sales) box items for quick sale. You may get a great box (sometimes find the BEST items) or a bad box.  Arrive earlier to look through box lots, however be careful not to point out expensive things in a box lot that would draw attention to other buyers or the auctioneer who can remove and item to be sold separate.

Ask if you can pull an item.  If you want something specific ask the auctioneer to auction it separtely.  This can be dangerous because you may draw attention to the object or you may get it cheaper because it's no mixed in with other items people may want.

At the auction:
Bring chairs - something mom & I have learned the hard way, we pack folding chairs.
Some auctions only accept cash.
WATCH YOUR PURCHASES, sadly there are people who take other people's items.
Dress comfy.  Last weekend I wore jeans, Uggs, and a few layers of shirts for when I got hot/cold.
Bring a big car, you buy it you take it. (sometimes they may hold or deliver, but not always).
If you're going to bid, set a limit (i.e. $20) and go one over the limit (i.e. $22.5).  Most people stop at large numbers 20/30/40/etc, if you go one above it might be enough to win the item.
Pay attention to multiple items being auctioned together.  Price may be per item, i.e. $10 per item, 3 items your total will really be $30.
Pack a snack.  Some auctions have food vendors, but not all.

Get ready to people watch. Auctions bring out the fun crowd.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Monday, November 16, 2009

oh, sunday.

let me set the scene:

sunday morning 8:30am.
i need an outfit.
i'd settle for just a new shirt & some shoes.
the mall opens at 11.
party is at 12.
where to go?

thank goodness for target & kohls.
picked up a cute shirt at target 9:30am.
picked up some new pumps from kohls 10:15am.

home by 10:45am.
showered & dressed at 11:30.
party at 12.

and some great pumps to rock monday at work.

but seriously, why does the mall not open until 11 on sundays?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

vanessa cavaco designs

a big thank you to: vanessa cavaco designs on etsy.
for some pretty return address stickers for my shop.
you can also check out: her blog.

i've been waiting for a few days to get an order that i can use these stickers.
and two pretty packages are going out in the mail!
i love wrapping my sales in pretty tissue paper, pretty ribbon if it fits
& now these stickers add to the package!
any other suggestions to pretty up little packages?
i've been dying for pretty bubble envelopes and small boxes (that don't break the bank)!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

where am i?

no idea.
busy busy busy.
work, school, etsy & fun.
lots of new stuff to come.
holidays are too soon!

check out etsy to see all the fun stuff i've been researching on!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

happy birthday j!

my husband turns 27 on monday, november 9, 2009.
last year this time we were in vegas.
two years ago, we officially started dating.
yeap, dating to marriage in two years. woop!
for 10 months i'm three years younger than him.
james michael, thank you for the best year of my life!

happy birthday j.

wedding photo by kamila harris

Thursday, November 5, 2009

my jersey.

last tuesday night after the new, new jersey governor had been announced i started reading the twitter posts under the trending topic "new jersey".
it was the same old babble.
the armpit of america.
maybe you should meet my new jersey.
we live in the pinelands of atlantic county.
peaceful & pretty.
last sunday mom and i took te scenic route home from her shop.
we drove through salem county.
which if you didn't realize you were in nj, you might think you were in the midwest.
it is a world away from that new jersey (the yankee fan nj).

this is my jersey.
the real garden state.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

december 3.
naples, FLORIDA.
real life is okay.
just super busy.
hence, the lack of substantial baking/posting.
etsy is in full force.
after two weekends of stocking up on supplies the store should be booming soon.
which is great.
because i need spending money.
okay, too much. i get it.

well here is some eye candy.

helen's hassack in a co-op in salem, nj.

the simple life.

from one of these cookbooks.