Saturday, April 28, 2012

one year celebrations!

let him eat cake.
first birthday love.
a baby becomes a toddler?
the first of many ATVs to come.
can't believe how long he kept on his new navy hat!
so why is everyone looking at me & singing?
we celebrate not just one little boy,
but the family he created.
& so thankful for friends & family who always want to celebrate with us!
there's no greater gift,
than a happy & healthy child <3

favorites from the past year.


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Friday, April 27, 2012

the happiness game

when people know you're a therapist.

they always want your expert opinion.

but truthfully,
i just want to give you my totally
unprofessional.. personal opinion.

1. suck it up.

life can really suck some days. but if you dwell on the fact that you spilled your coffee/your boyfriend broke up with you/you're broke/you have unfinished drama with your parents/etc/etc.. life will continue to suck. so stop dwelling. move on. seriously stop..

2. take control.

stop waiting for someone else to fix your life. no one else cares about your life as much as you do. actually, if you're not caring about your life.. that is problem numero uno. start caring & then take control. put yourself first. how good does it feel to set a goal & accomplish it? really f-ing good.

3. decide what you want to change about yourself.

here's the truth.. if you're not happy.. something about you needs to change. yes, YOU NEED TO CHANGE. happiness doesn't just happen. it's created.. so if you're not happy... CHANGE SOMETHING. this might be the hardest thing.. realizing that a. you're the problem b. only YOU can fix YOU.

4. stop doubting yourself & making excuses.

you can do it. you will do it. no seriously, stop telling yourself what's standing in your way or why you can't do x, y, z. start with what you CAN accomlish & focus on that. i.e. today i can get out of bed, take a shower, put on my favorite outfit, do my hair & my make-up and feel damn good about myself.

so in a nutshell: moveon, today is a new day. i'm going to fix myself. i want to, i can & i will do x TODAY. 

like i said, unprofessional.. personal opinion. so don't take me too seriously.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

sick day.

(santino at animal kingdom, post-diaper blow-out, no spare clothes = tigger outfit)

it's been awhile since santino had a sick day.
but here we are..
two days before his first birthday.

of course,
by 9am he seemed perfectly fine.
but i had already called out of work
& scheduled a sick visit.

all is fine,
quite possibly a virus.
or something just didn't settle in his belly.
finding out that his ears were clear
made all the tube drama feel so much better.

even though i'm running low on PTO time.
i kind of needed this 'sick day' too.

i find myself forgetting i'm pregnant all the time.
maybe it's because my life revolves around santino.
i have no qualms with putting myself on the back burner
for my one year old.

yesterday i felt the baby kick.
it felt so good.
i've had a rough few weeks with stress,
back pain & cramps.
& i was really worried about the
baby growing in my belly.

i have to keep reminding myself,
to take care of me..
means taking care of another child too.

santino is becoming a big boy so quick.
everyday he takes more steps,
stands for longer periods.
makes more sounds..
more facial expressions..
more drama.
no doubt he is his father's son.

we've been cosleeping a lot.
we hate hearing him cry..
and i need my sleep too.
it's just easier.
but seriously,
we need a king size bed
before baby number two arrives.

we've given santino a ton of freedom lately.
which means he's always covered in dog hair..
no matter how many times a day i vacuum.
he's basically eating all table food.
yet he only eats what he likes..
bagels & cream cheese, grilled cheese,
fruit, sweet potato, avocado..
i still sneak veggies on his tray
& love his faces when he bites into a pepper or tomato.

saturday's his first birthday.
we're celebrating with a mickey mouse party
at my mom's.
where has a year gone?
(& yes i cry hysterically everytime i read these posts from last april/may
stupid pregnancy hormones)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

wedding fun

i remember almost six year ago moving into my freshman dorm at VT.
mom & i had spent hours at bed, bath & beyond and target,
preparing for dorm life.
we thought we had done well.

kristina was moving in next door.
she had custom window dressings,
with coordinating bedding & pillows.

i was so excited to attend her wedding,
knowing her mom & her would prepare a lot of the details..
just as they had prepared her dorm room.

it's amazing that it's been five years since we graduated.
but it felt like just yesterday i was hanging at her apartment
(all decorated  & coordinated of course!).

so great to see my hokies.
here are some adorable details.

the flowers were a mix of gerber daisies, tulips and fresh herbs!
perfect for the blonde husband & brunette wife!
mr & mrs G
the bride & hokie friends!
yummy candy bar!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


well, hello there.
april has been busy.
and isn't over yet.
we've just returned from 8 sunny&warm days in florida.
visiting mickey mouse.
and swimming in grandpops pool.
but we're not done.
off to virginia this weekend for a wedding.
a husband & wife escape.
santino will be getting spoiled by grandmom.
then someone turns one at the end of the month.
& i'm so not ready for that.

Monday, April 2, 2012

early easter.

we celebrated in nj a week early,
since we will be arriving in florida on easter.

santino is finally able to play with his cousins.
he just loves to chase them
& climb on them.

they're getting use to him being around too.

i love that he doesn't hesitate
& gets right in there to play.
one of the pros of day care..
everybody loves his hugs.
since he was trying to steal his cousin's cupcakes,
he got one of his own..
minus icing.
he obviously loved it.