Thursday, April 26, 2012

sick day.

(santino at animal kingdom, post-diaper blow-out, no spare clothes = tigger outfit)

it's been awhile since santino had a sick day.
but here we are..
two days before his first birthday.

of course,
by 9am he seemed perfectly fine.
but i had already called out of work
& scheduled a sick visit.

all is fine,
quite possibly a virus.
or something just didn't settle in his belly.
finding out that his ears were clear
made all the tube drama feel so much better.

even though i'm running low on PTO time.
i kind of needed this 'sick day' too.

i find myself forgetting i'm pregnant all the time.
maybe it's because my life revolves around santino.
i have no qualms with putting myself on the back burner
for my one year old.

yesterday i felt the baby kick.
it felt so good.
i've had a rough few weeks with stress,
back pain & cramps.
& i was really worried about the
baby growing in my belly.

i have to keep reminding myself,
to take care of me..
means taking care of another child too.

santino is becoming a big boy so quick.
everyday he takes more steps,
stands for longer periods.
makes more sounds..
more facial expressions..
more drama.
no doubt he is his father's son.

we've been cosleeping a lot.
we hate hearing him cry..
and i need my sleep too.
it's just easier.
but seriously,
we need a king size bed
before baby number two arrives.

we've given santino a ton of freedom lately.
which means he's always covered in dog hair..
no matter how many times a day i vacuum.
he's basically eating all table food.
yet he only eats what he likes..
bagels & cream cheese, grilled cheese,
fruit, sweet potato, avocado..
i still sneak veggies on his tray
& love his faces when he bites into a pepper or tomato.

saturday's his first birthday.
we're celebrating with a mickey mouse party
at my mom's.
where has a year gone?
(& yes i cry hysterically everytime i read these posts from last april/may
stupid pregnancy hormones)

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  1. Holly, you are doing a wonderful job! Pregnancy #2 was the hardest for me too...its where I learned no two pregnancies are the same! Don't worry about the mom's there is NEVER ENOUGH! Let me know if you ever need anything :)