Monday, December 28, 2009


did christmas happen?
i must have missed it.
the eve was a rush, work all day, two parties at night.
the day was slower.. j taught me how to make his famous meatballs.
we partied at night.
my cousins taught me how to play mad gab.
is statue gnaw king = is that you knocking?

we were finally able to share dad's big news (wedding bells?)!
& another year of health & happiness in our family.
some members still were absent, but it did not put a damper on our holidays.

gifts galore.
my husband does not understand budgets or limits.
i know i should not brag/complain.

minion has a new bed.
he still won't sleep on it.
& he already chewed to pieces ALL of his new toys!

to work today.
drove to school.
class was cancelled.
real life is back.

new years resolution = SLOW DOWN.

Friday, December 25, 2009

on to a new fresh new year.

check out the vintage treasury i made on etsy for the new year!
including this fresh vintage treasure:

from this shop!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

you busy?

first i tried j.
'hi you busy?'
'i'm in a meeting'

next, my mom.
'heyy it's me'
'whats wrong?'
'uhhh.. my car is stuck'
'oh i'll come dig it out'

yeap my mom is stronger than me.
she pushed as i hit the gas.
she wasn't strong enough, nothing.

yesterday, car got out of the driveway.. no problem.
today i backed into a snow bank.

even mom could not get my car out.
'um, mom, do you think i could get a lift to work?'
'sure, here i already picked you up your coffee.'

seriously? yeap.
i'm 24 & my mom drove me to work today.
& had a coffee ready for the drive.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

white eagles.

it started friday night.
i was finishing my christmas shopping,
j called & asked if i wanted to go to the eagles game on sunday.
OF COURSE! i shouted.

saturday came & philadelphia/so jersey was covered in a blanket of snow.
i started to back out.
20 degrees? i can't handle that.
j wouldn't let me back out.

we made it.
hung out with a couple from erie, pa tailgating.
her name was holly lynn & we both worked in mental health?!
what!? yeap!

we entered the game.
the snow wasn't completely clear.
the fans through snow balls.
j might have through a snow ball or three..

the eagles won..



Saturday, December 19, 2009

big plans, snowed in.

i had big plans for the weekend.
now we're snowed in.
i'm not complaining.
we have provisions: tostitos & diet coke.
minion's last experience with snow he was a pup & sunk in.
minion's experience today was different, he didn't want to come inside.

last night we celebrated j's bday (one month late) with my mom &
kate's graduation!
our christmas party for tonight has been cancelled.

tomorrow we have tickets for the EAGLES game.
at first i was going to bail,
until a friend convinced me...
if she can handle it with a baby on board,
i can handle it too.
hopefully the california boys won't be able to handle the snow.
& the boys from philly will be victorious!

it's too early for our lake to be frozen,
but if the temp stays low hopefully it will feeze by new years!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

big thanks to Jenna for speading happiness to me!

10 things that currently make me happy... so here they are (in no particular order):

1. Etsy - my store has been really successful this year & i love spending weekends with my mom at auctions & estate sales shopping to stock up the store; sad part is that i probably spend more money shopping on etsy than i make!

2. 250 of 700 hours left in my pracitcum, March cannot come soon enough!

3. the Phildelphia Eagles actually winning!

4. our first christmas present came in the mail today (from my gparents in DE) & all of the christmas cards we've received so far!

5. buying size 2 jeans from express, yeap i put it out there. don't mind me bragging there was a time when i was buying size 10...eeeek.

6. two three day weekends coming up (christmas & new years!)

7. holiday parties!

8. how pretty my house looks decorated for christmas!

9.  christmas movies on tv, everyday!

10. "The Sing-Off" - LOVE IT!

So now I need to pass this award on to bloggers whose posts make me happy.


Friday, December 11, 2009

updated my link love.

check out my linklove.
updated today with some new real life loves who i'm so happy have joined me in the blog life!

today i had a really great day.
nothing amazing, but it felt great to be back at work and accomplishing a lot.
i'm happy to be healthy & safe this holiday.
i'm happy to give back & enjoy life.
you should join me..

and if you really want to get into the holiday season of giving, give water.

and if you need to remember how precious life is, go here.

as always, shop locally & buy handmade.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

oh hormones.

in my recent quest to be a happy, healthier person i have tried to reduce medicine intake.
about three months ago i stopped taking a little pill that had been regulating my hormones for 7!years.
hell has come upon me.
my skins a mess.
today, 5am the cramps i once stopped by taking that pill, hit like fire.
my insides literally felt ripped apart.
i waited until 5:30 then stumbled to the bathroom for tylenol.
j watched in horror as i swallowed the tylenol, laid down for a minute..
then ran back to the bathroom to empty my stomach.

anyone have natural remedies to sooth these wonderful side effects of our natural hormones?
seriously, vitamins/teas.. anything?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

back from florida.
after an 8 hour flight delay.

i hate calling out of work.
i've only done so once in th past two years.
i don't mind scheduling days off,
but hate calling in and leaving my clients/co-workers hanging.
today i called out.
i still feel anxious,
but knew i needed the sleep.

the next week will be crazy at work.
i slept til 7pm today my day off today was worth it.

received a phone call about future schooling.
setting my nerves on edge even more.
definitely need to schedule more relaxation time for the holiday season!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

celebrate six months.

what have i learned about being a wife in six months?
still not sure i consider myself a wife.
a partner yes.
funny how rules of life change.
i wonder if anyone feels similar.
i love to take care of my husband, but he does the same for me.
we both work hard to make a living.
share the cooking and he's even started sharing the cleaning.
our decisions are made together.
all decisions.

a wife, maybe.
i like being called his wife, but don't like the possessive connotation.
i'd rather be his partner.
his best friend.

yesterday we celebrated (in the most relaxed way, in florida) six months as official partners.
i don't feel as much has changed.
but then again i may just feel very comfortable with the change.

Friday, December 4, 2009


after a two hour delay at the atlantic city airport & a bumpy flight..
we made it to florida.
today it rained, but we were not stopped.
visited the beautiful naples botanical gardens.

we hear it may snow in jersey tomorrow,
i will take the rain.
tomorrow we're hoping to hit the everglades and see some gators.
real ones, not tim tebow.. but that would be nice too (sorry j).

FYI: the shop will be back open next wednesday!