Friday, April 22, 2011

dry run.

i've tried to keep my posts balanced and not all pregnancy related,
but i'm one day away from my due date
& yesterday was kind of crazy so sorry.
if you hate pregnancy talk hit that x in the top right corner now.

so yesterday  i had my 39 week exam.
thought this was totally going to be routine.
i knew i was doomed as i sat in the waiting room for an hour.
watching some other woman's 11 month old crawl on the dirty carpet.
i was being a judgmental brat
& i apologize now.

i met with a new apn.
there are almost 10 docs/apns in my office
& i'm really not picky so i see whoevers available.

she performed the internal exam.
it hurt like hell.
& she told me i was not dilated.
but 'let me see if i can get in there'
wait what?

next she used the baby heart monitor thing.
baby's heart rate was irregular.
'how have his fetal movements been?'
'good, all the time'
'10 a day, 4 an hour?'
waiit.. i'm supposed to be counting.
i swear this is the first time any of my docs mentioned actual counting.
i mean every couple of hours i usually lay on my side or sit or drink water to get him to move.
but counting...
worst mom ever
& this baby isn't even here yet.

so she leaves
& tells me to get dressed.

comes back 5 minutes later..
'they're waiting for you at the hospital'
if you know me in real life you know i totally went into panic.

called the hubs who may or may not have panicked worse.
& he was two hours away.. crap.
luckily MIL & mom were both less than hour away and met me at the hospital.
at the hospital i thought this is it.
they placed me on fetal monitors.
the tech asked if my belly was getting hard.
sort of?
i was having contractions 4-5minutes apart.
suddenly i had back contractions.
baby wasn't moving much
& his heart rate stayed low.
my heart rate was low.

then i had an ultrasound.
they said pretty much...
nothing during the entire ultrasound.
(mind you at this point i'm still by myself at the hospital)
finally ultrasound was over..
'he looks to be about 8lbs 11oz'
i didn't say what i was thinking..
you're shitting me.

at this point MIL showed up followed quickly by my mom.
(mom had stopped at my house to pick up my bags
& let minion out incase this turned out to be the big one)
mom brought her camera of course.

back on fetal monitors with his two gmoms in the room..
baby livened up.
i swear he is just like his father.
loves commotion.

after 20 more minutes on the monitor
& talking with the on call doc about my ultrasound..
they decided to let me go.

contractions continued for most of the day,
but if i walked around they lessened..

as we walked out of the hospital we saw j's truck driving up.
he was so ready to have the baby.
best scene ever is watching your husband rush to meet your baby.

well another day.
and no baby.
one day until due date.
back to the doctors on tuesday unless something happens sooner.

& don't worry i'm counting baby movements now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pineapple & cranberry upside dreaminess.

recipe adapted from 1939 Modern Hostess Cook Book

the recipe called for canned pineapple & fresh cranberries.
i used a fresh pineapple & dried cranberries.
there's no specific pan size mentioned & i used a large springform pan.

1. melt 1/4 cup butter & mix in 2/3 cup brown sugar until smooth.
2. spray/butter pan. lay pineapple slices & cranberries on bottom of pan.
3. pour butter & brown sugar mix on top of pineapple & cranberries.
4. mix 1&1/2 cup cake flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 1/4tsp salt, 3/4tsp cinnamon
5. cream 1/3 cup butter, 1/3 cup brown sugar, 1/3 cup white sugar
6. beat in two eggs to butter/sugar mixture
7. alternate adding dry mixture and 1/2 cup milk to butter/sugar/egg mix until smooth

8. pour cake batter over pineapple/cranberry/brownsugar in pan
9. place cranberries around rim of cake & splatter some on bottom if you're down like me.

10. bake at 350degrees for about 30 minutes

& enjooyyy.

pineapple love.

a few weeks ago my husband surprised me with this beauty.
a pampered chef pineapple slicer.

this has become my new bff.
we can eat a whole pineapple with no problem.

today i decided to bake with this pineapple.
i used this 1939 Modern Hostess Cook Book
$3.50 + shipping at Helen's Hassack
stay tuned to see the recipe & results!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

fly guys.

james & i don't hide our love of philly sports.
the truth is the flyers were my original team.
in 5th grade when everyone was rocking starter jackets..
mine was a flyers pull over.
super cool.

today the flyers kick off their play off run.
earlier this year j & i went to a live game.
boxing on ice..

even though we no longer have my boy eric lindros.
now we have the great coach laviolette.
say that name out loud.
it just makes you sound sophisticated.

i guess i've always had a thing for bright orange :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

maternity leave, loss & other random thoughts.

day two of maternity leave.
i was bored by 3pm on day one.
but i know it's for the best.
as much as i love my job..
it can really take a mental toll.

today j brought home 150 year old nails.
he knows how to make his lady happy.

i feel that baby is comfortable.
and i could go another two weeks before delivery.
& reach my due date or later.

mom & i are headed to an auction on saturday.
it's been awhile
& i'm so excited to get some new-old stuff.

this past weekend a childhood friend passed away.
my brother & i grew up on a street where everyone else was related.
they always treated us like family.
my brother stayed there
& when his house burnt down on chrismas eve
the neighborhood rallied around him.
especially the person who passed away.

it mad me think a lot about how my brother & i were raised for some reason.
we were always taught to be friends with everyone.
& we always have been.
we both still talk to friends from elementary school.
our parents never allowed us to discriminate.
how do you teach friendliness?
one study i read in grad school talked about having an open house.
inviting people of all races & creeds to your home teaches your child to be open.
any other ideas?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

asparagus season.

asparagus was $2.99 a bunch at the grocery store.
& it's perfect
& thin
& yummy.
perfect for this pioneer woman recipe.
meatless monday perfection!
the zucchini was super small.
made me yearn for my summer zucchini.

Monday, April 4, 2011

37weeks & 2days.

today the weather hit (almost) 80 degrees.
i broke out the dress my sister in law gave me when i first announced my pregnancy.
this dress may be worn every other day between now and delivery.
just warning you.
liz lange for target.
& ohsocomfy!
i also wore my favorite flat sandals.
which were my favorite..
until i couldn't feel my feet anymore.
one more week of work.
no face pictures?
didn't rock any make up to work today.
only four more days of work until maternity leave.
i thought i would work until delivery.
to save money.
then i became an emotional mess.
'one born every minute' is now banned in our home.
i can't watch it and stay sane.
so hopefully i'll have a few weeks off before baby's arrival to relax.
sorry, i don't really know what relaxation is.
but mom promises at least one casino trip while we wait for baby.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

the nursery.

our nursery is finally (almost) complete
i have two more pictures to frame.
but for now if baby comes,
his room is ready. :)

our theme was color.
bright color.
first we like turtles.
then i found elephants.
& i love it all.
our ikea crib.
&babies r us bedding.

ikea dresser.
my mom made the letters out of scrapbook paper & michael's letters.
we used a jc penny's curtain as our closet door.

j & my brother decided to paint the inside of the closet orange.
it became one of my favorite parts of the room.
& i loved getting to use all the baskets give as gifts.
don't you love those stripe boxes?
my aunt wrapped my gifts in those boxes from christmas tree shop.
i was back & forth on gliders/rockers.
my aunt offered us her rocker.
my mom found perfect fabric to match baby's room,
she re-upholstered the chair cushions
& i can't wait to spend many nights right here with my boy.

of course sonny's phillies hat is ready for him.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ga Ga Galore

very excited to support Erica's business

Ga Ga Galore

Erica & I met as young college students working retail.
seven years later?
she's the mom of THREE adorable little boys.
works all day
& runs her own craft business.

she'll be using the banner for a craft show later this month.
become a fan on facebook
& check out her site for great baby items!
some items @ ga ga galore: