Sunday, April 3, 2011

the nursery.

our nursery is finally (almost) complete
i have two more pictures to frame.
but for now if baby comes,
his room is ready. :)

our theme was color.
bright color.
first we like turtles.
then i found elephants.
& i love it all.
our ikea crib.
&babies r us bedding.

ikea dresser.
my mom made the letters out of scrapbook paper & michael's letters.
we used a jc penny's curtain as our closet door.

j & my brother decided to paint the inside of the closet orange.
it became one of my favorite parts of the room.
& i loved getting to use all the baskets give as gifts.
don't you love those stripe boxes?
my aunt wrapped my gifts in those boxes from christmas tree shop.
i was back & forth on gliders/rockers.
my aunt offered us her rocker.
my mom found perfect fabric to match baby's room,
she re-upholstered the chair cushions
& i can't wait to spend many nights right here with my boy.

of course sonny's phillies hat is ready for him.


  1. He is a lucky little boy! Love the colors and the cheery and lively touches. Can't wait to see his face here on your blog!

  2. OMG looooooveeee!! what a great room! as;dlfksjafklaj now the baby needs to come so we can come visit and crack open a champagne bottlleeee (perhaps Andre!)