Saturday, March 26, 2011

oatmeal, pecan & chocolate chip cookies

my office is still celebrating
& friday was pecan day.

i'm in love with drop cookies.
& these are a new favorite.

recipe from joy the baker.

these cookies are easy,
super soft
& the perfect mix of salty/sweet.

Friday, March 25, 2011

dreaming big.

i'm not one to sit idle.
it actually drives me crazy.

i know that when the baby arrives
my life will change dramatically.

but i know i need to keep busy.
i've been trying my hand at crafting.

my fun paper banners have been selling well
at the store.

so i decided to try them at my etsy store.
hope you enjoy.
& keep dreaming :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

bumps for the bump.

i must do well.
i should have known,
this pregnancy was too fun,
too easy.
i was the perfect pregnant girl.
& it's still good.
but i've realized i need to slow down.
i don't have to do everything.
my mom came to the rescue this weekend.
she scrubbed my kitchen floor
& took me for a milkshake..
things only a mom will do.

you must treat me well.
i get it.
everyone has their own life.
i need to let go unfair expectations of others.
that they will drop everything to help me.
you get what you give.
and i haven't been giving a lot lately.
it's been all about me..
i need to treat others better.

the world must be easy.
i don't want it to be easy.
i know motherhood will be hard.
ya'll can stop telling me just how bad it will be.
i can't wait.
the 2am feedings..
the dirty diapers..
the crying..
bring it on.

i have a feeling baby will be here soon.
watch out world.

Monday, March 14, 2011

pie day.

after this post on madeleine's blog
my office decided we would celebrate as much as possible in march.

today is pie day.
i still have not officially made a pie.

for pie day i made this tart.
which was sooo easy.
i used 2kiwi
half a container of strawberries
half a pint of blueberries
& half a pint of rasberries

& it's a rectangle.
so hopefully i get points for trying.

goal for this summer: MAKE A PIE.
a real one.
hopefully a blueberry with hammonton blues?!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

pineapple fun.

i could give you my play by play of this recipe,
but the pioneer woman does such a better job.

i will tell you that these were amazing.
i skipped my dinner tonight
& ate these leftovers.
also i only used half a pineapple
& half a jalapeno pepper.

j loved them too.
ate a second helping,
which is unusual for him.

a nice easy saturday night dinner.
we had a rough weekend.
up at 6:30am both days due to a new roof being put on our house.
next weekend they start new siding.
hopefully everything is done in 6 weeks..

you know before theres a baby in the house.
(hopefully no sooner ;) )

Thursday, March 10, 2011

summer staples

is summer here yet?
i know it's not even spring.
but a girl can dream right?
stock up now!

a home canning guide
great vintage book
with knowledge perfect for today's world
save money & eat healthy!
BOOKSALE coupon still works - 40% off all books!

simple fun long sea shell necklace.
26inch multi size & shape shells.
great over top of a plain t-shirt or tank this summer.
can't you picture it with your favorite sandals?

bright teals & greens.
liven up any summer outfit.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


this past weekend i was blessed with not one but TWO showers.
one i knew about in advance
& the second was a great surprise.

my mom's cake from crust n krumbs bakery in vineland, nj
absolutely delish!
my good friend michelle coordinate the surprise
& a ton of the details like these popcorn favors.
from our favorite shore treat johnson's caramel popcorn
my mom handmade a baby quilt
& these amazing letters for the nursery!
we are so blessed
& this little boy is so very lucky.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

be happy, it's that easy.

my board is becoming famous.
everyone wants to know what my newest inspiration is each week.

the ironic part of this quote..
today my boss explained that abe lincoln was probably clinically depressed.

but i find so much truth in the words.
i'm a big believer in positive thinking.
all that tony robbins stuff.

keep your head up.
think positive.
ignore the negative.
declutter your life.
& enjoy.

(personal opinion as always..
not professional. thanks)