Tuesday, March 22, 2011

bumps for the bump.

i must do well.
i should have known,
this pregnancy was too fun,
too easy.
i was the perfect pregnant girl.
& it's still good.
but i've realized i need to slow down.
i don't have to do everything.
my mom came to the rescue this weekend.
she scrubbed my kitchen floor
& took me for a milkshake..
things only a mom will do.

you must treat me well.
i get it.
everyone has their own life.
i need to let go unfair expectations of others.
that they will drop everything to help me.
you get what you give.
and i haven't been giving a lot lately.
it's been all about me..
i need to treat others better.

the world must be easy.
i don't want it to be easy.
i know motherhood will be hard.
ya'll can stop telling me just how bad it will be.
i can't wait.
the 2am feedings..
the dirty diapers..
the crying..
bring it on.

i have a feeling baby will be here soon.
watch out world.


  1. This is just beautiful! I love it. Isn't it sad how we actually get weary about all the "you just wait & see" comments about motherhood? I don't care if it's inauthentic, I promise to share the best parts of motherhood far more freely than the worst. I do it with pregnancy now...

    Take care of yourself. Get rest. I can't wait to see pics of that little guy!

  2. Take care of Holly! You will need the energy to change those diapers and get up at 2AM. It is hard and it isn't all happy. but, it is something that is beautiful and good and something that you will be perfect at! Slow down and let your mom and that handsome husband spoil you for a little while. The floors will get scrubbed and the pies will get baked. Santino needs his mommy to be well and ready for him! Can't wait to see him!