Sunday, January 31, 2010

you don't celebrate enough.

spend everyday like it's your birthday.
we could all use a few more celebrations.
they lift your mood.
they bring together friends & family.
why not celebrate more?

happy birthday mejor!
hope those sourpuss martinis didn't turn into a sourpuss morning.
seriously, nerds at the bottom of a martini.. amazing.
and chocolate milk & expresso vodka martinis.. wowza.
thanks continental.

mr greengenes getting us pumped for summer a the SOUTH jersey shore?
oh yeah!
i'll take celebrations like this every weekend please!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

just holly.

it came in the mail last saturday.
i think it's taken almost a week to process.

an offer for five more years of school.
a doctorate.

for a girl who has never been the top of the class.
i was strong in elementary school,
never the strongest.
high school gave me little skill for college.
college took me 2 years before i started to find my stride.

the past three years of my master's program have given me confidence.
applying was more about proving to myself that i am capable.

now i've been accepted.
& one day, five years from now, i'll be a 'doctor'.
but in reality.. i'm still just holly.
& i'm finally learning to have a little faith.. in me.

& for my parents.
who set the standard high.
& gave me everything to achieve more than their high school diplomas.
i hope they see what they've really been able to achieve through me.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

favorite auction find.

spending all day 9-4pm at an auction can be the longest day of your life.
however, finding one item that makes you happy can make it a great day.
i've loved colored veils forever, but this newest gem is amazing.
check it out at my etsy shop!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

auction catch of the week.

sometimes i purchase things at auction,
bring them home,
and wonder..
what was i thinking?

yesterday the absence of hats/bags/accessories at the auction bored me,
i began to shop out of pure bordem.

when they announced the 'hair receiver'
few people bid,
& i couldn't resist.

mom & i argued the whole way home about what exactly the item was.
a powder container with a whole on top?
an ashtray?
mom said, 'he said hair receiver'
'no mom, he said air receiver'
by the time i got home i was convinced i had an 'air catcher'
but mom was right.. 'hair receiver'

woman would collect hair from their hair brushes,
save it in these containers to stuff pillows & pin cushions.
first i thought 'disgusting'
then 'i could stuff a lot of pillows with my hair..'

find it here on my etsy shop

Sunday, January 17, 2010

a long commute.

i'm probably one of the very few people in the world that like to commute.
when j & i were first engaged i was communting over an hour to work a few days a week.
i never really hated it.
now i commute 45minutes to school a few days a week.
last thursday i drove two hours to north jersey (somehow made it alive!).
north jersey is a different world.
you know that show.. jersey shore, not my jersey shore (but that could be a whole blog post).
it was nice to have 4hours to myself,
especially with big decisions being made very soon.
i think we all need a little more drive in our lives.

ps - slumberland motel? seriously?! reminds me of the bates motel.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

miss holly, get a life.

i decided to have a motto each day.
something silly to inspire the kids i work with.
today: you need to make your day better.
i made my day better on monday by hanging pictures of vt from my mom.
seriously, i can't not feel some awesome energy everytime i look over there.
plus the pic of j&i from key west july08.
& q & c's school pictures.

today, there were a lot of sarcastic laughs.
eye rolling.
'shut up'. 'what?'.
only one person like my facebook status (thanks chelle).
i like it.
but i'm going to need more..
any ideas?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

back to basics.

today we are celebrating our newest nephew nicholas's christening.
i spent the morning making these yummy peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

and some yam brownies we have yet to test that will have to be blogged about tomorrow.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

no resolutions.

i've still made zero, zip, zilch, nada resolutions.
usually i have 100.
this year 0.
i'm in such a rutt.
not sure where i am, where i am going.
the next six months will be filled with life taking decisions.
and here i thought i settled that all when i got married.
but no.

last week i tried to give up caffine.
utter fail.

i'm trying to make my body healthy.
i've NEVER been healthy.
my weight bounces around because so does my diet.
last night my liver would have told you, i already failed.

i'm hoping that in six months i'll have some career stability.
i'm hoping i'll be healthier.
i'm hoping i'll stop drinking diet coke.
and 12oz coffees in the AM instead of my usual 20oz.
i'm hoping i'll learn to balance all my new lives: wife, career chic, daughter, friend, niece, grandaughter, cousin, student, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, mom (still just minion), aunt, and maybe sister.
and yes,wife is first. because he puts me first & i need to be sure i put him first too.

are these new years resolutions.

Friday, January 1, 2010


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Have a AMAZING New Year!