Sunday, January 3, 2010

no resolutions.

i've still made zero, zip, zilch, nada resolutions.
usually i have 100.
this year 0.
i'm in such a rutt.
not sure where i am, where i am going.
the next six months will be filled with life taking decisions.
and here i thought i settled that all when i got married.
but no.

last week i tried to give up caffine.
utter fail.

i'm trying to make my body healthy.
i've NEVER been healthy.
my weight bounces around because so does my diet.
last night my liver would have told you, i already failed.

i'm hoping that in six months i'll have some career stability.
i'm hoping i'll be healthier.
i'm hoping i'll stop drinking diet coke.
and 12oz coffees in the AM instead of my usual 20oz.
i'm hoping i'll learn to balance all my new lives: wife, career chic, daughter, friend, niece, grandaughter, cousin, student, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, mom (still just minion), aunt, and maybe sister.
and yes,wife is first. because he puts me first & i need to be sure i put him first too.

are these new years resolutions.

1 comment:

  1. life is an everyday decision. i'm all about my goals, hate the "R" word, this year... but usually not. because i want to work on making more of myself every day of the year. good luck on getting everywhere you want to be :)