Sunday, January 17, 2010

a long commute.

i'm probably one of the very few people in the world that like to commute.
when j & i were first engaged i was communting over an hour to work a few days a week.
i never really hated it.
now i commute 45minutes to school a few days a week.
last thursday i drove two hours to north jersey (somehow made it alive!).
north jersey is a different world.
you know that show.. jersey shore, not my jersey shore (but that could be a whole blog post).
it was nice to have 4hours to myself,
especially with big decisions being made very soon.
i think we all need a little more drive in our lives.

ps - slumberland motel? seriously?! reminds me of the bates motel.


  1. I HATE DRIVING!! So much. I wouldn't even want a driver... I hate being in the car. It makes me nervous and sweaty and ugh. I blame it on the car accidents I have been. That motel looks very dirty by the way....hahha.

  2. Sometimes I too like to drive, especially when I am getting important thoughts in order.