Thursday, January 28, 2010

just holly.

it came in the mail last saturday.
i think it's taken almost a week to process.

an offer for five more years of school.
a doctorate.

for a girl who has never been the top of the class.
i was strong in elementary school,
never the strongest.
high school gave me little skill for college.
college took me 2 years before i started to find my stride.

the past three years of my master's program have given me confidence.
applying was more about proving to myself that i am capable.

now i've been accepted.
& one day, five years from now, i'll be a 'doctor'.
but in reality.. i'm still just holly.
& i'm finally learning to have a little faith.. in me.

& for my parents.
who set the standard high.
& gave me everything to achieve more than their high school diplomas.
i hope they see what they've really been able to achieve through me.


  1. LOVE the photo, love the post. congrats, holl!

  2. Congrats on Holly, that really is something to be proud of!! :)

  3. HOLLY!! you are NOT "just holly" - you are so much more!! that is something to be SOOOO proud of!! :) yayyyy, so happy for you!!

  4. congrats!!! how exciting and what an accomplishment to have under your belt!!! the next 5 years will fly by!

  5. holly- that's so awesome!! it will be a long and rough road, but the best feeling in the whole world when it's over!