Tuesday, July 26, 2011

jersey girls!

last night i headed up to the B&N in deptford, nj.
to meet a fellow jersey girl.
i met two friends at 4pm,
we were given wristbands
& went to grab some sushi.

we came back to B&N at 6
& waited about 1.5hours.
& then she showed up
(only 30minutes late!)

teresa - JEW-DI-CHE
earlier in the day i tweeted her,
that i was excited to meet her
& bringing baby santino.
she tweeted back.
we had a discussion in line wondering if it was really her tweeting.
when i got to the table
& a friend yelled 'santino wants to marry audriana'
teresa said 'is this the one that tweeted me'
it was her!
she was soo gracious.
told me i looked great..
(she gets major props for this haha).

santino couldn't handle the excitement.
can't wait to try out some recipes.
they actually look delish!
thanks teresa!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

birthday & blueberries.

last night i started practicing my song to the boy.
'happy three months to you
happy three months to you
happy three months dear santino
happy three months to you'

i don't really want to talk about three months.
where did the time go?
we're about to through a biiiigg change.
mommas going to work,
and baby will be with gmom & daycare.
pretty soon you'll be sitting up.
then crawling.
& ohh noo..
only 9months until you're one.
i love when you catch yourself in the mirror.
& that look comes across your face..
like: 'man that is a good looking baby'.
you love your play mat.
you finally don't hate belly time.
you're napping
(almost on a schedule).
you sleep at night.
then we find you in your crib in the AM..
you are such a morning person..
just like dadda.
you love our walks.
& lady ga ga.
we think you are on the edge of glory.
you still just have peach fuzz.
you're eyes are still the brightest blue.
we can hear you kicking in the crib from our bedroom.
maybe you'll be a soccer star.
yesterday you started squealing&giggling.
i can't wait for your future.
but today..
we just love you at threeeeee monnnthhss! :)
just in case you couldn't see this amazing shirt.
thanks aunt sue woz!
we will be chasing you sooo soon!

oh & the cake.
so simple.
i had all the ingredients on hand,
except fresh eggs,
& lemon!
find this yuuummyy recipe HERE!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

how my garden grows.

my zucchini vs one from the grocery store.
i love my garden,
especially now when everything is ripening.
my tomatoes will be ready any day now.
& i will be handing out tomatoes like candy,
because i grew way too many this year.
& all the early summer rain made my plants HUGE.

i always hear people say,
i could never grow anything.
(i'm talking about you madeleine)

two recomendations for starting a garden:
1. basil - a perennial that grows like a weed!
2. zucchini - takes little watering & care to flourish.

my green peppers are not looking too hot (again) this year.
last year i grew jalapenos with no problem.
but green/red bell peppers never get big.
any hints?

i made a "healthy" zucchini bread last night
(healthier than my old favorite)
it doesn't have the amazing taste of my old favorite,
but it was still really good!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

our weekend.

our weekend started on friday.
santino's first beach day!
we created a new play area.
not to keep baby in,
but to keep his big brother minion out!
dinner out at our favorite restaurant.
this was the only sad face of the night!
cannolis from little italy..
at the church festival!
we went to redstone for my cousin's going away party,
but today tried it for sunday brunch..
santino's first trip to anthro.
trying to cheer myself up about going back to work..
by picking out cute back to work outfits!
j wanted a new pair of maui jims
(he's an addict)
but i said okay...
because they fit me too!
<3 love the weekends.
my life is a vacation :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011


taking a good picture of sonny takes patience.
i have no skill.
so we try
& try again.
today baby boy is 11weeks.
we spent the morn running errands.
& i was a mess this afternoon.
i wrote a whole post on being the anti-positive.
and deleted it.
because in truth..
i'm blessed.

i went & got my hair did.
& i feel 100x better.

at 11weeks.
i bought him a bumbo seat.
he's not quite ready,
but almost!
we have a beach tent.
(now if i could just bring myself to be in a bathing suit at the beach..)
he's bored easily.
he's quickly becoming a 'hip baby'
(stuck on mommas hip as i run around the house doing things).
he's a speed nurser.
easily over fed..
& then it's back up again.
(when people say you can over-nurse.. they're lying).
but on to the out takes..
i hope these cheer you up:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

earring sale!

*only earrings!!
if ordering other items,
do not use coupon!
if ordering earrings
&other items do not use coupon,
i will refund 25% off earrings through paypal!
check out all EARRINGS HERE!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

santino anthony's baptism

the first of many announcements on our chalkboard door!
my mom brought santino a beautiful cake from crust n krumbs bakery in vineland, nj
james & i were both raised catholics & plan to raise santino the same way.
we are members of st. mary of mt. carmel parish.
head to hammonton this week to enjoy the festival!
santino's god parents, j's brother & sister-in-law!

so many friends & family came to our home on sunday afternoon.
we seriously need to finish our addition,
our house is too small for these gatherings!

i only have off 2.5more weeks until i return to work full-time.
at least one beach day.
get back on a healthy eating schedule.
(all this junk food post baptism party needs to go!)
back to work clothes shopping.
spend as much time outside
(difficult in this 90+ weather!)
finish the four books currently in my posesssion
(and blog reviews!)
bake zucchini bread
(healthy style - with zucchini from my garden!)
clean & organize my house.
give the babe as many hugs and kisses as physically possible!
try and pump/freeze/store at least 40oz.
anything else i should get done with santino in the next 2.5weeks?

Thursday, July 7, 2011


well almost two months later,
i'm back.

i loved tumblr,
it just didn't love me.

i kind of missed my blogspot layout.
& my journey to heart/courage/brain.

today i visited my favorite grocery store / deli:
bagliani's market - hammonton, nj

picked up balsamic vinegar
& some of their amazing fresh mozzarella.

this will go along with the steaks i also purchased.
& maybe some zucchini.

only the basil is from this year's garden..
we've gotten a ton of rain.
& my tomato plants are literally falling over from size.
please pass along your fav tomato recipes.