Thursday, July 14, 2011


taking a good picture of sonny takes patience.
i have no skill.
so we try
& try again.
today baby boy is 11weeks.
we spent the morn running errands.
& i was a mess this afternoon.
i wrote a whole post on being the anti-positive.
and deleted it.
because in truth..
i'm blessed.

i went & got my hair did.
& i feel 100x better.

at 11weeks.
i bought him a bumbo seat.
he's not quite ready,
but almost!
we have a beach tent.
(now if i could just bring myself to be in a bathing suit at the beach..)
he's bored easily.
he's quickly becoming a 'hip baby'
(stuck on mommas hip as i run around the house doing things).
he's a speed nurser.
easily over fed..
& then it's back up again.
(when people say you can over-nurse.. they're lying).
but on to the out takes..
i hope these cheer you up:


  1. is he already as tall as J? because according to pic #3, he is well on his way!!! he is such a cutie!