Sunday, July 17, 2011

our weekend.

our weekend started on friday.
santino's first beach day!
we created a new play area.
not to keep baby in,
but to keep his big brother minion out!
dinner out at our favorite restaurant.
this was the only sad face of the night!
cannolis from little italy..
at the church festival!
we went to redstone for my cousin's going away party,
but today tried it for sunday brunch..
santino's first trip to anthro.
trying to cheer myself up about going back to work..
by picking out cute back to work outfits!
j wanted a new pair of maui jims
(he's an addict)
but i said okay...
because they fit me too!
<3 love the weekends.
my life is a vacation :)

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  1. Jim's Grandmom lives right across the street from San Rocco. We had our rehearsal dinner there. Yum.