Tuesday, July 19, 2011

how my garden grows.

my zucchini vs one from the grocery store.
i love my garden,
especially now when everything is ripening.
my tomatoes will be ready any day now.
& i will be handing out tomatoes like candy,
because i grew way too many this year.
& all the early summer rain made my plants HUGE.

i always hear people say,
i could never grow anything.
(i'm talking about you madeleine)

two recomendations for starting a garden:
1. basil - a perennial that grows like a weed!
2. zucchini - takes little watering & care to flourish.

my green peppers are not looking too hot (again) this year.
last year i grew jalapenos with no problem.
but green/red bell peppers never get big.
any hints?

i made a "healthy" zucchini bread last night
(healthier than my old favorite)
it doesn't have the amazing taste of my old favorite,
but it was still really good!

1 comment:

  1. cant wait to visit at the end of july and steal all your tomatoes!! perrrrfeccttt timing :)