Tuesday, July 12, 2011

santino anthony's baptism

the first of many announcements on our chalkboard door!
my mom brought santino a beautiful cake from crust n krumbs bakery in vineland, nj
james & i were both raised catholics & plan to raise santino the same way.
we are members of st. mary of mt. carmel parish.
head to hammonton this week to enjoy the festival!
santino's god parents, j's brother & sister-in-law!

so many friends & family came to our home on sunday afternoon.
we seriously need to finish our addition,
our house is too small for these gatherings!

i only have off 2.5more weeks until i return to work full-time.
at least one beach day.
get back on a healthy eating schedule.
(all this junk food post baptism party needs to go!)
back to work clothes shopping.
spend as much time outside
(difficult in this 90+ weather!)
finish the four books currently in my posesssion
(and blog reviews!)
bake zucchini bread
(healthy style - with zucchini from my garden!)
clean & organize my house.
give the babe as many hugs and kisses as physically possible!
try and pump/freeze/store at least 40oz.
anything else i should get done with santino in the next 2.5weeks?

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