Tuesday, July 26, 2011

jersey girls!

last night i headed up to the B&N in deptford, nj.
to meet a fellow jersey girl.
i met two friends at 4pm,
we were given wristbands
& went to grab some sushi.

we came back to B&N at 6
& waited about 1.5hours.
& then she showed up
(only 30minutes late!)

teresa - JEW-DI-CHE
earlier in the day i tweeted her,
that i was excited to meet her
& bringing baby santino.
she tweeted back.
we had a discussion in line wondering if it was really her tweeting.
when i got to the table
& a friend yelled 'santino wants to marry audriana'
teresa said 'is this the one that tweeted me'
it was her!
she was soo gracious.
told me i looked great..
(she gets major props for this haha).

santino couldn't handle the excitement.
can't wait to try out some recipes.
they actually look delish!
thanks teresa!


  1. You and that baby sure do get around! What great fun that must have been.

  2. so fun!

    popped over from joys hope blog :)