Thursday, July 21, 2011

birthday & blueberries.

last night i started practicing my song to the boy.
'happy three months to you
happy three months to you
happy three months dear santino
happy three months to you'

i don't really want to talk about three months.
where did the time go?
we're about to through a biiiigg change.
mommas going to work,
and baby will be with gmom & daycare.
pretty soon you'll be sitting up.
then crawling.
& ohh noo..
only 9months until you're one.
i love when you catch yourself in the mirror.
& that look comes across your face..
like: 'man that is a good looking baby'.
you love your play mat.
you finally don't hate belly time.
you're napping
(almost on a schedule).
you sleep at night.
then we find you in your crib in the AM..
you are such a morning person..
just like dadda.
you love our walks.
& lady ga ga.
we think you are on the edge of glory.
you still just have peach fuzz.
you're eyes are still the brightest blue.
we can hear you kicking in the crib from our bedroom.
maybe you'll be a soccer star.
yesterday you started squealing&giggling.
i can't wait for your future.
but today..
we just love you at threeeeee monnnthhss! :)
just in case you couldn't see this amazing shirt.
thanks aunt sue woz!
we will be chasing you sooo soon!

oh & the cake.
so simple.
i had all the ingredients on hand,
except fresh eggs,
& lemon!
find this yuuummyy recipe HERE!!


  1. Happy 3 month birthday, handsome boy! Giggling? In two-three weeks, I could get giggles?! I think my heart just got mushy.

  2. He is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. Best of luck going back to work.