Tuesday, January 19, 2010

auction catch of the week.

sometimes i purchase things at auction,
bring them home,
and wonder..
what was i thinking?

yesterday the absence of hats/bags/accessories at the auction bored me,
i began to shop out of pure bordem.

when they announced the 'hair receiver'
few people bid,
& i couldn't resist.

mom & i argued the whole way home about what exactly the item was.
a powder container with a whole on top?
an ashtray?
mom said, 'he said hair receiver'
'no mom, he said air receiver'
by the time i got home i was convinced i had an 'air catcher'
but mom was right.. 'hair receiver'

woman would collect hair from their hair brushes,
save it in these containers to stuff pillows & pin cushions.
first i thought 'disgusting'
then 'i could stuff a lot of pillows with my hair..'

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1 comment:

  1. Hahaha that is so weird... I would use it as a hair elastic band holder... or I would put my rings in it!