Monday, April 4, 2011

37weeks & 2days.

today the weather hit (almost) 80 degrees.
i broke out the dress my sister in law gave me when i first announced my pregnancy.
this dress may be worn every other day between now and delivery.
just warning you.
liz lange for target.
& ohsocomfy!
i also wore my favorite flat sandals.
which were my favorite..
until i couldn't feel my feet anymore.
one more week of work.
no face pictures?
didn't rock any make up to work today.
only four more days of work until maternity leave.
i thought i would work until delivery.
to save money.
then i became an emotional mess.
'one born every minute' is now banned in our home.
i can't watch it and stay sane.
so hopefully i'll have a few weeks off before baby's arrival to relax.
sorry, i don't really know what relaxation is.
but mom promises at least one casino trip while we wait for baby.


  1. You're adorable! And I absolutely forbid you from watching that horrible show. Your labor and Santino's birth will be nothing like that. No two births are alike. Now get on YouTube, find a meditation video, close your eyes and breathe through your nose. (my doula invoice is in the mail)

    : )

  2. yaaaaaay i love everything about this! the pics are awesome and you look amazing in the dress! please relax :) and let me know if you need anything! ps: if you need a guilty pleasure, now would be the time to start your obsession with pretty little liars haha.

  3. that dress is adorbale and you look great Holly! (and I very rarely wear make-up to work anymore either lol)

  4. Ah congrats!!! Enjoy your last few weeks!

    P.S. I had two of those dresses and lived in them at the end of my pregnancy!

    P.P.S. Love love love your nursery!!