Saturday, April 17, 2010

three years later.

yesterday we remembered 32 members of the virginia tech community who are in heaven.
many people said things, way better than i ever could.
coleman collins - an ex-hokie basketball star put out what i often think.
i slept through the shootings,
less than a mile away,
i dreamt of ambulances as they rambled past my sorority house,
woke up to find all of my friends safe,
but it doesn't make it okay.
read it here.

can i tell you how much i love this VT print from etsy?
did you meet your lover on the blacksburg campus?
heading to a wedding of hokie love birds?
you need this:
Virginia Tech Print

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  1. Wow... I can't even imagine what it would have been like to be on that campus on that horrific day. I remember watching everything as it unfolded on tv... unable to unglue myself from the couch and go to class... mostly because I was afraid to step on my campus at UT even though everything was happening hours away.

    That is a beautiful print.