Saturday, April 3, 2010

how do i thank you..

on thursday i finished nine months of my practicum for my master's degree.
i thanked the staff the only way  a poor graduate student could.
i baked.
chocolate peanut butter cookies
boxed chocolate cupcakes with mini chocolate chips with buttercream icing.
mini coffee cake muffins.

i was excited to find out that when i head back to full-time office work,
i will be visiting my pracitucm site often.
i've made some great connections
& will miss working with adolescents daily.

reminds me of how much i DON'T miss being an adolescent :)

now i'm heading back to my full time occupation.
i need a way to thank my two supervisors,
who have been extrememly flexible and supportive.

any creative, relatively inexpensive thank you gifts?

& i will be baking more for the entire office for being so flexible!

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