Thursday, December 10, 2009

oh hormones.

in my recent quest to be a happy, healthier person i have tried to reduce medicine intake.
about three months ago i stopped taking a little pill that had been regulating my hormones for 7!years.
hell has come upon me.
my skins a mess.
today, 5am the cramps i once stopped by taking that pill, hit like fire.
my insides literally felt ripped apart.
i waited until 5:30 then stumbled to the bathroom for tylenol.
j watched in horror as i swallowed the tylenol, laid down for a minute..
then ran back to the bathroom to empty my stomach.

anyone have natural remedies to sooth these wonderful side effects of our natural hormones?
seriously, vitamins/teas.. anything?


  1. i did the same thing and stopped that pill after my gallbladder surgery. my tummy hates me! let me know what you find out! :)

  2. ugh I had to stop the pill in June becaues it started causing my blood pressure to go crazy.. so trust me I know what you are going through and it sucks! my skin is still crazy even after 6 months... and i have tried everything for the cramps, but nothings working.. so if you figure anything out please let me know!! lol

  3. ohhh no! i hope you are feeling better soon. I have been taking that little pill for a long time and am kind of worried to stop especially for those cramps that have gone to the wayside! feel better!