Monday, December 28, 2009


did christmas happen?
i must have missed it.
the eve was a rush, work all day, two parties at night.
the day was slower.. j taught me how to make his famous meatballs.
we partied at night.
my cousins taught me how to play mad gab.
is statue gnaw king = is that you knocking?

we were finally able to share dad's big news (wedding bells?)!
& another year of health & happiness in our family.
some members still were absent, but it did not put a damper on our holidays.

gifts galore.
my husband does not understand budgets or limits.
i know i should not brag/complain.

minion has a new bed.
he still won't sleep on it.
& he already chewed to pieces ALL of his new toys!

to work today.
drove to school.
class was cancelled.
real life is back.

new years resolution = SLOW DOWN.

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  1. goes to fast. hope your new years is wonderful!!