Tuesday, December 22, 2009

you busy?

first i tried j.
'hi you busy?'
'i'm in a meeting'

next, my mom.
'heyy it's me'
'whats wrong?'
'uhhh.. my car is stuck'
'oh i'll come dig it out'

yeap my mom is stronger than me.
she pushed as i hit the gas.
she wasn't strong enough, nothing.

yesterday, car got out of the driveway.. no problem.
today i backed into a snow bank.

even mom could not get my car out.
'um, mom, do you think i could get a lift to work?'
'sure, here i already picked you up your coffee.'

seriously? yeap.
i'm 24 & my mom drove me to work today.
& had a coffee ready for the drive.


  1. aw! how completely sweet is that of your mom?!? i love it. so sorry the snow is trapping you in, but at least you have some wonderful people around to help! :)

  2. hahaha i love it!! i hope you got your car out!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! love you!

  3. so cute!! love it. Mom's are the best!! merry christmas!!!