Friday, April 27, 2012

the happiness game

when people know you're a therapist.

they always want your expert opinion.

but truthfully,
i just want to give you my totally
unprofessional.. personal opinion.

1. suck it up.

life can really suck some days. but if you dwell on the fact that you spilled your coffee/your boyfriend broke up with you/you're broke/you have unfinished drama with your parents/etc/etc.. life will continue to suck. so stop dwelling. move on. seriously stop..

2. take control.

stop waiting for someone else to fix your life. no one else cares about your life as much as you do. actually, if you're not caring about your life.. that is problem numero uno. start caring & then take control. put yourself first. how good does it feel to set a goal & accomplish it? really f-ing good.

3. decide what you want to change about yourself.

here's the truth.. if you're not happy.. something about you needs to change. yes, YOU NEED TO CHANGE. happiness doesn't just happen. it's created.. so if you're not happy... CHANGE SOMETHING. this might be the hardest thing.. realizing that a. you're the problem b. only YOU can fix YOU.

4. stop doubting yourself & making excuses.

you can do it. you will do it. no seriously, stop telling yourself what's standing in your way or why you can't do x, y, z. start with what you CAN accomlish & focus on that. i.e. today i can get out of bed, take a shower, put on my favorite outfit, do my hair & my make-up and feel damn good about myself.

so in a nutshell: moveon, today is a new day. i'm going to fix myself. i want to, i can & i will do x TODAY. 

like i said, unprofessional.. personal opinion. so don't take me too seriously.

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