Sunday, April 22, 2012

wedding fun

i remember almost six year ago moving into my freshman dorm at VT.
mom & i had spent hours at bed, bath & beyond and target,
preparing for dorm life.
we thought we had done well.

kristina was moving in next door.
she had custom window dressings,
with coordinating bedding & pillows.

i was so excited to attend her wedding,
knowing her mom & her would prepare a lot of the details..
just as they had prepared her dorm room.

it's amazing that it's been five years since we graduated.
but it felt like just yesterday i was hanging at her apartment
(all decorated  & coordinated of course!).

so great to see my hokies.
here are some adorable details.

the flowers were a mix of gerber daisies, tulips and fresh herbs!
perfect for the blonde husband & brunette wife!
mr & mrs G
the bride & hokie friends!
yummy candy bar!

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  1. nice wedding! and what time did you get home to post these already??