Wednesday, June 9, 2010

one year later.

wedding date: june 5, 2009
how did i miss our actual anniversary?
our internet went out for an entire week.
probably the best weeked ever to go out.
no distractions, just us.

two wonderful dinners.
a favorite with family.
joe italianos maplewood - hammonton, nj
classic italian food.

a new restaurant that did not dissapoint.
luke palladino - northfield, nj
the ex-head chef of ombra in the borgata,
opened up on his own.
& out shines his previous employer.
yuup that good.
i love you.

thanks again, kamila


  1. I had never seen either of these pictures before! Still can't get over that wedding, NOTHING will outshine it! You were so gorgeous (obvs still are!)! Love you both! Congrats to one year!

  2. Awww Happy belated one year! Gorg pics! Do some recaps girlie!