Monday, October 10, 2011

an update.

an overdue update.

i have the best intentions to write in santino's baby book.
i have great intentions to conquer the world.
blogging is so much easier.
but i haven't even really blogged lately.

santino will be 24weeks in three days.
six months.

sitting up
& playing independently.
he's a few weeks away from crawling.
a tooth will be popping through any day now.
he's taken down all the earth's best level one foods.
size three diapers.
nine months clothes.
constant drool.

he's still waking up every 3-4 hours at night.
he's not on any type of sleep schedule.
but it works for us.
i'd rather him not be on a schedule
& be happy,
than be on a schedule
& be miserable.

yesterday was my grandmother's 83rd birthday celebration.
first we traveled up to TCNJ
& watched cousin shannon's seagull field hockey team kick butt!
then traveled to my aunt's for pizza, crab soup & cake.

my grandmother's birthday wish at 83?
to meet danny briere.
but after she gets a haircut..

the fall is birthday season.
all of my nephews & niece..
mother in law..

& it's football season.
thank god for the hokies.
since philly has let me down all over the place.

let's go flyers?

work is busy,
but i'm enjoying it.
as much as i hate being away from santino
i come home just wanting to soak in every minute of him.
& i still feel like i get so much time with him.

today is mental health day.
what did you do to make your mind happy today?
i ate lunch outside
& enjoyed the last of the beautiful weather!

everyone is the age of their heart <3

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  1. those cakes are pretty! i love reading santino's updates, as i get a glimpse of what's ahead for Elena in 4 weeks! she will be 5 months on the 14th. I never realized they are almost exactly one month apart.