Wednesday, June 6, 2012

working mom update.

so i continue to be a full time working mom.
at least for the next month.
then i'm cutting back to three days a week
 { w a h o o }
plan on enjoying my last few months of just mom & santino.

santino's in daycare three days a week
& with my mom two days a week.
i feel like it's a great compromise,
he gets the one:one attention he craves,
& gets the social experience he needs.

i'm a little worried about him leaving daycare
for six months (summer + my maternity leave).
hoping to plan some playdates,
anyone interested?

of course working & being a mom continues to be a challenge.
not a negative challenge though.
i sometimes think about my life pre santino,
& can't imagine what i did with my free time.

i'm on my feet from 6am - 7:30pm most days.
& i really can't complain.
i love those two hours of quiet/alone time before
i actually go to bed,
but wouldn't give up the 13hours of running right now.

some tricks i've developed.
pre-planning = sanity.

coffee is preped each night
& brewed as soon as i wake.
last night i poached chicken
for tonight's dinner.
prepping snacks for santino & i.
some he takes to school,
& some i take to work.
some nights i cook
& freeze pancakes to make AM easier.

a load of laundry is done every night.
we vacuum or sweep everyday,
dishwasher every other day.
doing a little each day,
keeps this family sane!

how do you stay organized with a busy schedule?

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