Wednesday, February 10, 2010

no time for this.

i don't understand colds.
you hear 'wash your hands'
'take your vitamin c'
'get fresh air'.
but the cold still hits.
i really don't have time for a cold.
today i had a half snow day.
& i slept.
because i have a cold.

i don't really get winter either.
the most snow in recorded history this year?
don't get me wrong,
i'm loving being snowed in with j, minion and the brotherinlaw.
& random friends/family.
but where does it come from?
& where do the deer go when it snows like this?
seriously no one can really answer that question for me.
today we saw a squirrel..
j through some almonds out for him.
yes almonds.

& these newscasters.
seriously, how much money do they get paid?
it must be a lot.
i would need a lot of money to:
1. drive to work
2. stand outside during a blizzard
3. interview the idiots who actually go out during such blizzard.

just some thoughts on this snowmageddon.
or snowcalypse.
just another way to prove nj likes nicknames..

lets just pray for another snow day
& a boost of vitamin C to beat this cold!
i will take advice on any home made remedies for colds!


  1. I know someone who is a newscaster and trust me if I got paid what she gets paid.. I would definitely stand outside during a blizzard too ;) haha

    hope you are feeling better!