Wednesday, February 17, 2010

reality check.

i know it's time for a reality check.
this happens every so often in this career of mine.

today is ash wednesday.
& i'm probably going to hell,
because i didn't make it to church tonight.
& the last time i was in church..
was LAST ash wednesday.

what to give up for lent.
it bothered me all day.
i could not think of ANYTHING.

today i thought about adopting all the kids i work with.
taking them home.
feeding them j's homemade gravy & spaghetti.

coworkers talked about a boy who wears his father's childhood coat.
he just wants something new.
i have A LOT of new.
new shoes, new jeans, new dresses, new coats.
i buy, because i use to be one of those kids.
who begged for something new.
not nearly as bad.
but i never felt like i had as much as everybody else.
& now that i can supply my own i forget what that's like.
reality check.

no new clothes for 40 days.
being thankful.
keeping it simple.


  1. that's a really good idea for lent! I still haven't decided what I am giving up!

  2. You are not going to hell for not going to church... I am a firm believer that to have a relationship with God you don't have to show it by going to church every day. Everyone's relationship with him is different =0)

  3. You have so many things to be thankful for, you are a good good person. Sometimes I wish I could adopt some of the kids I work with too...isn't it so tough. I hope you have a great weekend!