Wednesday, November 3, 2010

three years.

when i first tell people our story they're usually shocked.
you were engaged after how long??

three years later
& we're still here.

any other day,
things may have not turned out this way.
but they have,
and it is a blessing.

taylor swift put it best:
'you learn my secrets and you figure out why I'm guarded
you say we'll never make my parents' mistakes'

we definitely fit the mold for opposites attract.
but our values,
our goals,
& our love is the same.

my life has been turned upside down in three years.
a husband,
a home,
a dog,
and in five months a baby.

& this ride is just beginning.
j, thank you for the past three years.

ps you know you love my hat.


  1. 1. congrats on three years!!! your words about him & your love are so sweet.
    2. i cannot get enough of that t swift song!!
    3. i dont think that you said that you were expecting in any of your previous posts (or at least said it outright!) so CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    4. love the hat, naturally.

  2. Holly and James- CONGRATULATIONS! Three years and a baby on the way! That is wonderful. I know you will make amazing parents!!!