Friday, October 2, 2009

a dress.

you search & search.
than you find.. the dress.

than you dream about the dress.
decide you'll never fit into the dress.
so you stop eating, sort of.
but somehow, like cinderella's shoes, or the traveling pants..
the dress fits (unlike oj's glove).

you start this new life.
this wonderful, scary, and brand new life.
and you see that dress.
that very dress.
sitting in your laundry pile.
now what?

i always think 'i'm sure no one will want to wear this dress'.
why keep it? what will i do with it?
this past weekend i attended one of my best's parent's 30th anniversary.
they had her wedding dress.
and sure her daughters aren't planning on wearing it to their wedding.
but they will try it on.

& they will love it.
because you wore it & loved it..
the day you started..
this brand new life.

(sorry k, at least i blurred your face?)
top two photos from my day by kamila harris


  1. Your dress is amazing. My dress... in my attic getting really ugly...

  2. I have been married almost a year and still have my dress in a garment bag trying to decide what to do with it haha..

    ps- ill definitely let you know how tonight goes! haha

  3. btw we went to wall of terror friday and it was pretty good! :)

  4. Wow-your dress is breathtaking!!

    I can't post my dress yet because my fiance reads my blog and I don't want to give him any hints...but in 7 months, it's going on there!