Thursday, October 29, 2009

get it done.

last week i cleaned out my baking cabinet.
yes i have my own small baking cabinet where i stock my supplies.
i found mini pumpkin cupcake papers.

& i decided they needed to be used by october 31.
summer posted this recipe, which turned out delish.
however, mine were not quite so pretty.
i haven't mastered the icing drizzle yet.
however, i'm sure my co-workers will appreciate the yummies in the AM.

in between baking/phillies/hokies.
i organized my vintage cookbook collection.
vintage cookbook collection?
yep, you heard right.
they will be gracing etsy, hopefully by the end of the weekend.
i'm amazed at the amount of cookbooks printed by ingredient producers.
why don't they continue that?
how much would you love to receive an entire cookbook on things to do with x?
i would.
here's a sneak peek:

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