Monday, October 19, 2009

new button.

there needs to be a dislike button on facebook. seriously.

also a button that says, 'tell this person i no longer have facebook so they'll stop friend requesting me'.
or maybe a 'defriend this person but make it look like i cancelled facebook'

oh wait a 'how do i know this person' button would be perfect!

& a 'if you want to be my facebook friend, but don't say hi to me in public.. automatic defriending' button. (not that it has ever happen to me ;) )

or if 'you pretend you forgot my name but we're facebook friends.. automatic defriending' button.

.. 'you pretend you don't know i'm married but we're facebook friends & my name has changed.. automatic defriending' button

there should be a button on websites that says 'send this to my e-mail' - sure i can 'e-mail a friend' & type in my own address twice, but then it just looks like i have no friends.

every e-mail account should have an unsend button, along with texting. 'unsend text' would be amazing.

everyone should have a 'i have heart courage and brain' button on their blog.
but i'm pretty unsassy with the photoshop/illustrator.. so i can just keep dreaming about that.

ps - j & i became uncle & aunt AGAIN on friday :)
pss - i know what we're going to be for halloween & i was given the idea by my five year old cousin!


  1. completely agree with ALL of the facebook buttons you suggested as well as the "unsend text"!

    and ps- CONGRATS on being a new aunt (again lol)

  2. Holl- make a "I have heart courage and brain" button on Picnik, or try Splashup or Pixlr (they are both more like Photoshop, but online). I would totally put it on my bloggy! :)

  3. Completely agree! I always am looking for the "dislike" link!!

    Congrats on being an aunt :)