Sunday, January 23, 2011

bow-tie lasagna

it's funny that michelle just talked about her site
because i have her site as a favorite at work
and just last night made a recipe i find on it:

i adapted this recipe for bow-tie lasagna
this is already the second time i've made this dish.
james compares it to a home-made hamburger helper.
i use to love hamburger helper as a kid.
and now this healthier version is an easy week-night meal.

bow-tie lasagna
1. cook one box of bow-tie pasta
2. brown a pound of ground beef
3. combine cooked pasta & beef, dash of olive oil, jar of tomato sauce, italian seasoning and garlic powder
4. add 1 cup mozz cheese & 4-6oz of sour cream
5. heat over low heat until cheese is melted & combined.


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