Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the year of magical thinking - joan didion

not my normal read.

a non-fiction.
one year in the life of the author.
i enjoyed her thoughts on grief, marriage & death.
life in general.
lots of medical info,
but not overwhelming.

what i liked the most:
i walked away thinking.
usually i'm down for a fiction book that takes me away from my life.
this book really made me examine a lot about my current situation.

i really didn't think i was going to like a book with so much talk of death.
i hate death.
like nighmares about death are normal for me.
it surprised me that i was able to read this book
& not have nightmares or be fearful.

like the author i always plan on j & i dying together.
mayber when we're 95,
a plane crash on the way home from hawaii.
never expecting what life will be like for one of us without the other.
favorite quote:
'marriage is memory, marriage is time'

she really highlights the experience of marriage
& the relationship that goes beyond love and romance.
recommended for:
someone experiencing grief.
anyone experiencing marriage.
those like me who are fearful of death.

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