Thursday, January 13, 2011

a new favorite.

no one tells you how dry your skin will get.
you hear about the stretch marks.
i expected the stretch marks.
but not this pain of dry skin.
or the bloody noses.
or the chapped lips.

i've fallen in love with this c.booth lotion.
these are tubs four and five of my pregnancy.
from ulta.
only $6.99 a tub.

i started buying two tubs a pop once the first tub felt so good.
three favorite smells:
1. Italian Olive Oil Body Butter - smells so clean & fresh, helps with those stretchmarks.
2. Japanese Rose Oil - prettiest smell. i get more compliments with this on than any perfume i wear.
3. Egyptian Argan Body Oil - mix of pretty & clean smell.. not so strong but works just as good!

if you don't take care of yourself..
who will?

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