Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my FIRST giveaway.

so when we prepared for hurricane irene,
we stocked up on all necessary items.

as a new mom coffee is at the top of that list.
j tried to do something super special

he bought me dunkin' donuts coffee.
however, this is WHOLE bean.

and we don't have a grinder.
it's the thought that counts j i promise.

SOO you can benefit!
i'm giving away this package of WHOLE BEAN DD coffee.

comeon you know this is better than crack!

how to enter:
1. LIKE US on Facebook - Helen's Hassack
2. Follow me on twitter - hollycarotenuto
3. already do BOTH of those things - RT my tweet about this post or share my shop on facebook.

leave me a comment telling me which you did.
you can comment telling me you already like the shop / already follow me on twitter.
so at most you can get FOUR entries (1. like me 2. follow me 3. RT me 4. share me)

& literally there's about four people who read my blog
five counting my mom who just started reading my blog ( hey ma )
and my mom doesn't drink coffee so no competition there.

you have until FRIDAY 9/9/11 at midnight EST.
winner will be announced SATURDAY 9/10


  1. I've totally done this before. In fact, it was the first time I bought coffee and owned a coffee maker after we bought our house. I attempted to crush it by hand and make it that way. It didn't work, obviously.

    Needless to say, I don't want this ; )

  2. Just wanted to say hi! I don't have a coffee grinder either, so I don't want the coffee. But hi! miss youuu.

  3. I know your contest is officially over but I liked you on FB and followed on twitter anyways! Now you have 5 people that read your blog! ;)