Tuesday, August 30, 2011

santino & babar

"Now everyone is asleep.
Babar and Celeste will soon go to bed too.
They are gradually calming down
after all these exciting evnets.
'Truly it is not easy
to bring up a family,'
sighs Babar.
'But how nice the babies are!
I wouldn't know how to get along
without them any more.'"
- Jean De Brunhoff - Babar and His Children

would you believe me..
if i told you this is the first time i've read a babar book?

how perfect is this quote?
four of the past five days
i've been home with santino.

i had forgotten so quickly,
how the days fly by with him.

today he survived two needles
& an oral vaccine.
at home the floor was the only place that didn't hurt his little legs.
& he listened so intently while i read him this story.

we love elephants in this house.
bring babar to your house too!

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