Saturday, August 13, 2011

two . six

two years ago
i started this blog.

to increase love, strength & knowledge.
everyday it's a battle.
but i love being able to get my thoughts down
& share them with
the three people who read :)

last year i set goals to accomplish by 30.
a big one has been complete..
a baby.
i didn't accomplish two things:
taking a class for fun & volunteering.
this year.. NO EXCUSES.

& to increase my knowledge..
finally complete my application for my counselor's license.

this year it's been TEN years since i turned 16.
so i decided to write a letter to my 16 year old self.
i was an awkward 16.
i'm so happy to be 10 years past that.

so DEAR SELF @ 16,

i could tell what you should / should not do

but the truth is
everything that will happen
may not be pretty
it won't be easy
but it will lead you to this wonderful place.

one thing,
16 is the last year you will spend
in that little farm house where you
were raised.
& 10years later disaster will strike.
look around,
take in those memories of that home.

here is some good news:

those girls that keep talking..
let them.
their talking gets them no where.
your confidence gets you everywhere.

those boys that keep breaking,
you will break away from.

you'll find your self esteem eventually,
when you stop looking for it from others,
and find it in yourself.
its 10 years later:

you have a house,
it's not like your barbie dream house,
but theres a roof over your head
& a garden outside.
and it's filled with love.

you have a husband,
a real one.
it's not prince william,
but your husband does call you his kate middleton,
and that makes you happy.

there's a baby in your arms.
a little boy just like you always wanted.
who coos and smiles on comand.

the best part.
you have so much love.
and your happy.
real happiness..
it does exist.

happy sweet 16 self.
10 years later,
life is really sweet.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Holly! I can't think of anyone who deserves to have what you have more than you deserve it! You are blessed with a lovely little house, a wonderful and caring husband, an incredible little boy and many friends and family that love you- just the way you are! No need to change a thing about you!!! You are wonderful! Have a beautiful day and enjoy the Holly you have become! She is perfect!

  2. Happy Birthday!! That post was so sweet. I'm so happy for you, you deserve every second of your happiness! xoxo

  3. LOVED this :) that gave me chills! as someone who knew "sixteen year old you," it makes me smile knowing "twenty-six year old you" realizes youre just as great as i thought you were ALL ALONG!!! love you mejor!