Sunday, August 28, 2011

where am i?

twilight zone?

we survived the earthquake.
began discussing disaster plans for our family.
it's still weird that we are a family.

then, irene.
& we needed to activate disaster plan.
thankfully, no mandatory evacuations for us!

we camped out in the living room.
j, me, mini & santino.
i got about an hour of sleep.

during a week of an earthquake & a hurricane..
santino had a growth spurt.
back to eating every two hours.. wowza.

we survived the hurricane.
the tornado warnings all night were insane.

somehow i became a mom
& forgot how to nap.
all three boys were passed out twice today
& i'm up..
unable to sleep.

it's not even 8pm
& the bed is calling my name.

but i really want to read this & this.
back to work tomorrow,
(as long as work survived the hurricane!).
off tuesday,
daycare is closed & sonny has shots

i'll try to get some good post-hurricane pics tomorrow in atlantic city.
today i'm exhausted.
& if this post makes no sense..
i just survived an earthquake & a hurricane..
give me a break :)

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