Wednesday, August 24, 2011

working momma update.

1. we survived our first earthquake.
2. i think more than anything we were excited to spend an extra hour together yesterday.
3. being a working momma is hard. real hard.
4. saturday we spent ALL day together & it was amazing.
5. at 16weeks (17 tomorrow..wahh) he's so fun, laughing & rolling & trying so hard to sit up!

but really..
i wanted to update you all on being a working & nursing momma.

maybe a little inspiration for anyone who has decided
to be a working & nursing momma.

almost four weeks back
& we're still going strong.
pumping every three - five hours at work,
depending on my schedule.
usually two times a day.
sometimes need to pump a little at home to make sure there is enough for the next day.

trying to not use my frozen supply.
i started pumping & storing when the baby was three weeks.
& it definitely helps when i just don't pump enough at work.

usually during pumping i distract myself with my google reader.
did i mention washing bottles sucks?
but baby is still growing
& thriving.

long story short,
you can do it too!

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