Wednesday, August 10, 2011

for me.

begin with that most terrifying of all things,
a clean slate.
then look, every day,
at your choices that you are making
& when you ask yourself,
why you are making them,
find this answer:
For Me. For Me.
- Anna Quindlen
Author & Journalist

found this quote in a woman's day magazine.
(that my boss swears he didn't order)
i posted it in my office.
teenagers are notorious for making decisions,
based on what others may think of that decision.

& let's be honest..
as adults we often do the same thing.
what will they think if i..

giving yourself a clean slate
(tabula rasa)
is so refreshing.
count to ten..
take a deep breath
& think about what you want.

so next time you make a choice.
For Me.

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