Tuesday, December 27, 2011


christmas came & went in the usual blur.
yesterday was the best day of my holiday weekend.
nowhere i had to be,
nothing needed to be accomplished.

i'm so ready for the new year.
i love a fresh start.

i have so many goals this year.
i really need to organize them
& set up a plan of how to accomplish.

i plan on letting go a lot more.
finding happiness within myself..

i spend so much of my time at work
& at home talking about family.

it can be really overwhelming.
sometimes i feel so hypocritical talking about
other people's familes..
when i still have my own issues.

that's life i guess.
i wish i could do half the things i tell others to do.

write it down.
say it outloud.
be honest.
be prepared to be hurt.

instead i walk away.
i shut down.
i avoid.
i protect.

the only good thing about work,
is that it has help me to realize..
we all have some of these family issues.

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