Sunday, December 18, 2011

taking care.

i go through an absolutely
ridiculous routine after santino's bathtime:
aveeno baby for his legs,
they tend to get extra dry.
aquaphor baby for his face,
it's extra sensitive.
butt paste for down below.
then johnsons baby lotion,
for wherever i missed.

early mornings for myself..
i'm lucky if i get lotion on 25% of my body..
and it consists of whatever was on sale.

the thought of..
when do we stop caring about ourselves?
came across my mind as i browsed baby food ingredient lists.
i've stuck to only organic so far..
i was totally boycotting gerber until i was in DE
& couldn't find earth's best.

for me?
i stick to organic milk,
but beyond that..
give me what's on sale & in season.

seriously, i spend hours each week..
picking out the best of everything for santino.
and he deserves it..
but i can't help but think..
why don't i care this much about myself.

the truth is convenience.
and funding.

but maybe if we all spent a little extra time,
picking out the best for ourselves..
we would all be a little better off.

here's to cutting out the excess
& focusing on the wholesome this new year.

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