Saturday, December 31, 2011

mr independent!

how quickly my happy baby
is becoming a serious little boy.

everyday we get new surprises.
christmas day brought clapping.

a week earlier he started crawling
now containing him is becoming a challenge.

i love that he can play on his own
& now he loves to feed himself.

if you're my friend on facebook
you know i was looking for new finger food ideas.

trying to avoid the usual processed garbage.
i saw a recipe for banana pancakes using pancake mix.

i didn't have any mix on hand so i substituted
with his favorite cereal.

sliced bananas,
coated in a thin layer of cereal.

sprayed a thin layer of olive oil pam in a small pan.
cooked the banana slices for a few minutes on each side.

i broke them into halves
& quarters for santino
because i'm the crazy overprotective mom..
but he loved them!

i even tried a few
& they reminded me of fried bananas.

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