Sunday, January 1, 2012


happy new years day.
i woke up at midnight to the sound of a shotgun.
typical southjerseypiney behavior.

i'm making the usual resolutions.
eat healthier
get in better shape.
get out of debt.
but in reality a few years ago,
they stopped being resolutions -
and turned into a lifestyle.
and that makes me happy.

this year..
i want to
learn something new (brain)
do something new (courage)
share something i love.(heart)
accomplish one each week
& share on the blog.

tomorrow i'm heading to the winter classic.
a professional hockey game outdoors?
that is doing something new!
there was some big drama when we found out
8 month old santino needs his own ticket.
luckily his grandmom c is hanging with him
& j&i get to have a date cheering for the flyers.

santino & i had an impromptu photo shoot
today in the front yard.
not sure what the neighbors think.
i'm hoping to blog at least a picture each day.
i usually post to facebook & twitter daily,
but need to get it up here so it's a little more permanent!

8months is a fabulous time.

ps i'm still clearancing out the shop
want to start the new year fresh.

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